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  • Thank you so much for being there for me  ,PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS. Had I not listened to my Boss and got to you in time, I would have lost  my home. God bless you !

    Melani Private
  • I had  24 properties and  8 vehicles  and was unable to meet my  total monthly instalments.When I look back  , I cannot believe that I could resolve my hopeless situation. Mr.Mahomed was honest with me that  the Debt Counselling process  was not an option.We would have to engage the Banks  if and when Summonses were  issued in respect of all my assets. Together with his expertise , I managed to stop   execution on  all my properties and managed  to sell each one at a profit!

    Property Developer
  • Since visiting your office, our stress level has decreased dramatically!  The advice we received from your office  has been priceless and words cannot say how much we appreciate your support. From the bottom of our hearts, a big thanks to all of you and for the work you do. You have made a difference in our lives!

  • When I walked into Mr.Mahomed’s offices , with 3  Summonses in   respect of my trucks, I did not hold out much hope that  he  would be able to assist me.I had already been informed by a Debt Counsellor and an Attorney  that I was beyond any help. Mr.Mahomed came highly recommended and I decided that I had nothing to lose and that I should  seek his advice. To my surprise ,Mr.Mahomed informed me  “not to panic “ and that he would resolve my situation. Three years on to the date,  I  am back on track with my instalments   and my business is growing.Thanks to Mr.Mahomed and his team for a job well done.

  • I lost my job  of 20 years due to restructuring and was in a hopeless situation.I was at my wits end .My wife wanted a divorce.  I was  refused assistance by a debt counselor who advised me that  I  should  come back  when I had found a job.PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS came to my rescue  and though some of my creditors where not prepared to grant me  grace , they managed  to assist me out of my miserable situation. I finally found another job  and  am well on my way to financial rehabilitation.

  • Thanks to you the phone calls, both at home and work, stopped. The sleepless nights eased and we were able to watch on a monthly basis, the reduction of our debt . Thanks to your assistance we have not only paid our debts to all of the creditors, we are now saving  for our boy’s university fees.

  • After completing the Debt Review Appplication today, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can move on with my life

  • We want to thank you and your staff for the help and guidance that we have received throughout the Debt Counselling Programme. The program did not only solve our immediate financial problems, but taught us how to budget and plan for the rest of our lives. We cannot stress the importance of the lessons we have learnt and the impact that the program has had on our lives

  • Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you approach the Supermarket till , and your little kid cries  for that  ice cream he so desperately wants and you cant give it to him.Well  I decided the very next day that , I needed help and was fortunate enough to have been recommended to Messrs PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS. They slashed my monthly instalments by 50 per cent and I  managed after just two and a half years of being in the debt counseling programme to settle all my debts.After three long years I can finally  give my family a  holiday.

  • Words cannot express how I feel today and how you have helped me. Your Company  has taught me to hold my head up again and realize that even the strongest fall and may need help getting up

  • After my divorce , I  became a compulsive gambler  and  ran up my credit cards, to   R1 000 000.00. I immediately barred myself from all casinos in KZN and sought professional help from MESSRS PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS.They were thoroughly professional and patient with me. They not only negotiated a reasonable total monthly instalment for me but also reduced my interest rate to ZERO PER CENT. Thank you  MR.Mahomed and your team  for all your help

  • I have had some negative feedback about debt counseling and  was hesitant   when I first approached PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS for help. They explained the process to me in great detail and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. They demanded no upfront fees and delivered on their promise of reducing my total monthly instalments  by upto 50 per cent. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending  PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS !

  • The next time someone asks you what business you’re in, tell them you manufacture hope. Thanks to you  I   am now  off antidepressants, back at work  and can  now smile again .

  • I first learnt of debt counseling after a presentation at work.The presentation was made by one of the  ‘BIG” debt Counselling firms in South Africa. I  decided to go under debt counseling with them due to the promises made. To my disappointment, I had to deal with a call centre and never received that personal attention that I needed. Fortunately for me, a colleague  recommended that I  change to PMB DEBT COUNSELLORS.That was the best decision , I could have made. I was treated professionally  and had my queries immediately attended to. In a  year’s time I will hopefully be debt free.


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