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The Solution to your financial problems

  • Are you having sleepless nights due to financial stress;
  • Are you borrowing from one Creditor to pay another;
  • Are you being harassed by call centre agents who are threatening you with Court Action:
  • Is there constant argument  between you and your spouse due to your financial problems;
  • Have you become ill due to your financial problems;
  • Is the Sheriff of the Court constantly at your door due to unpaid Accounts;
  • Are Attorneys threatening you with Summons and attachments;
  • Have you cancelled any of your life policies, insurance and/or medical aid?
  • Are you going to fall behind with your payments soon?
  • Do you have no money left after your creditors have been paid?

If you have answered YES to 1 or more of these questions CONTACT US immediately for a  consultation.
We will tailor make a solution to your problems.

Free call back within 24 hours.

  • We are by law not allowed to give out any of your contact info to any third party and do hereby undertake to honour the law.

This is what we, as your chosen Debt Counsellors can do for you:

Below is an example in real time of one of  the Court Orders we had obtained for a client.
You too can have  your monthly debt repayments reduced into a single, consolidated repayment amount for all your debt.
Please note however that each client’s repayment plan will differ according to his income and various other considerations.
We can assist you even if you don’t have a bond on a property or vehicle finance.

Creditor Amount Owing Old Interest Rate Old Instalment New Interest Rate New Instalment
ABSA Bond R922 118.45 6.40% R7328.00 6.40% R6019.12
FNB Cheque R104 136.37 20% R8993.03 0% R1497.65
Attorneys PVT Loan R412 889.60 15.5% R15000.00 15.5% R4546.86
Wesbank : Car R105 337.42 12% R2504.88 12% R1750.00
STD C/Card R31 402.79 14% R2170.79 0% R431.35
FNB C/Card R48 446.91 12.5% R5149.58 0% R690.16
ABSA C/Card R61 609.97 15.5% R3976.09 0% R885.71
FNB Loan R72 345.22 24% R4446.23 0% R1040.13
FNB Loan R26 901.16 15.5% R939.02 0% R386.78
Nedbank C/Card R43 360.15 18.15% R4330.00 0% R605.03

Some of the Creditors & Attorneys we deal with

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